Nutrition Steve Howard

How to eat right and lose weight

Lose weight! No magic additives. No dope. No alternative shake or miracle workout In this article, we will briefly and in the simplest and least technical way explain how we can eat “a lot” of food and feel satiated and full more easily while keeping calories low. It is possible: it is only reasonable to […]

The medicine Steve Howard


This legendary plant, especially the goddess in the East, has many species, although our focus will be primarily on C.A. Meyer (named after the Russian botanist who classified it in 1842). This type of ginseng, grown in Korea and with its characteristic red color, has great pharmacological potential. Ripe ginseng contains the following substances: ginsenosides […]

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Workouts Steve Howard

New techniques at your weak points

If a well-structured athlete after 2 or 3 years has a MUSCLE that DOESN’T RESPOND as much as it should, we might structure some SPECIAL Mesocycles to try and fix those details. Muscles may not develop because TECHNIQUE is not suitable, therefore, before thinking about the specialization of any muscle group, it is necessary to […]