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Sports nutrition for weight loss without losing muscle

Sports nutrition for weight loss without losing muscle Every spring, thousands of men and women besiege gyms and fitness centers in the hope of getting their bodies in shape for the beach season. Panic and despair hit hard on common sense, which the manufacturers and sellers of magic pills and methods for losing weight gladly […]

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20-minute tabata for the cortex muscles

20-minute tabata for the cortex muscles Is 20 minutes a lot or a little? The answer to this question depends on what exactly you spend it on and what you manage to do in that time. For example, we think that 20 minutes for a great interval core workout that makes you feel every muscle […]

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How to prevent autumn avitaminosis

How to prevent autumn avitaminosis There is less sunshine, the days are shorter, and the only thing we want to do is to snuggle up under a warm blanket in the morning, and in the evening to loiter with a cup of hot tea. How can we fill ourselves with energy for new achievements and […]

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How different types of exercise affect our brains

How different types of exercise affect our brains Exercise helps us maintain not only our physical health, but also our mental health. We tell you what types of activity improve memory and concentration and why your brain will thank you for a combination of different types of exercise. Brain and exercise: a direct correlation To […]

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Perfect breasts

I have to quit it now, HYPERTROPHY! Save that word and apply it to your skin so you won’t forget! I already know what you think, isn’t hypertrophy what we see in these bloated beasts with huge muscles? what a horror! Girls, I think the topic of testosterone was very clear in the previous article, […]

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“He who ignores his past is doomed to repeat it.” Jorge Santayana Crazy, as Herman’s deadlift would put him in the top three of the IPF in the 105 division with 5 kg below the class limit AND considering that only 1/7 of the world’s population has risen at this point! Crazy when you consider […]

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The Hunger Games

Let’s be honest, we know perfectly well that our hormonal and physiological rhythms are different from those of a person. So why do we strive to make everyday habits and relationships similar to what they have and do? Since the days when life was about survival, in a nomadic environment where nothing was predictable if […]