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The Hunger Games

Let’s be honest, we know perfectly well that our hormonal and physiological rhythms are different from those of a person. So why do we strive to make everyday habits and relationships similar to what they have and do?

Since the days when life was about survival, in a nomadic environment where nothing was predictable if not for the sunrise the next morning, women have played such an important role as caring for and protecting their offspring, even at the cost of their own lives. Today this situation is equally reproduced, and in addition to the above, we must bring “bread home”. Our era provided us with unimaginable human comforts, but it also denatured us, distorting the end of our existence … survival and reproduction. We live in a state of emotional immaturity to a deep depth, believing that enjoying life is nothing more than consuming all kinds of technological advances, which, obviously and cunningly, have their programmed obsolescence;

So we can keep eating more and more!

In all this fuss, the family remains the responsibility of outsiders to our moral principles and principles, absurdly breaking ties between all members.

The woman of yesteryear devoted all her efforts to the protector and provided for the animals she hunted. In tribes of no more than 150 people, all are significant, they know each other and share their modest assets.

The agricultural revolution has changed everything, including the increase in the number of female ovulations. Under natural conditions, the female reproduces only seasonally (and not chronically), like women. The rest of the animals, when there is a lot of food and sugar in the fruit. Anthropological studies have confirmed the emergence of a late rule, expected menopause and no more than 160 ovulations during the fertile life of women of the hunter-gatherer tribes compared to 450 of our western women.

This is due to the abundance of carbohydrates 365 days a year …

The chronic contribution of high glycemic load foods such as cereals and flour creates a constant insulin stimulus for our pancreas that blocks fat oxidation and promotes increased body fat and AGE production. Leptin is known to be involved in estrogen production and oocyte maturation: in addition to being found in adipocytes, it is produced when the stomach walls are distended (food abundance). On the other hand, glucose through dietary carbohydrates is essential for follicular development and ovulation recovery.

So, perhaps, the idea of ​​periodically performing both fast and minimizing sugar intake, and also would not be so far-fetched an abundant intake of protein foods, carried out in alternating cycles that would reproduce our ancestral food rhythms, depending on seasonal conditions … Could this cause our ovulation to “function irregularly” compared to what we now consider “normal”?

I wonder if all modern diseases of the female reproductive system are often the result of changes in the diet created only 12,000 years ago: endometriosis, ovarian cyst, etc.

The main question, of course, is our health, why we cannot achieve a neutral body shape. By neutral I mean the fact that more and more cases of obesity problems and even young girls, and I say more, girls are skinny. Terrorism has been created around the consumption of meat, indicating that it should not be consumed more than twice a week. But facts, research and my personal experience indicate that the problem lies mainly in its low consumption. Current dietary trends show erroneous habits of processed foods and zero or near-zero micronutrients from vegetables, fruits, meats and fresh fish. Not to mention the commercial drinks that many are addicted to, not to mention …

little or no alkaline water!

Based on all of the above, we can determine that the diet should be supplemented with fresh foods, away from all those processed foods that expose us to an unnatural state of constant fertility. … Following the principles of the season we are in, mainly with seasonal products. Sometimes the DETOX-5 program can be very useful, for example debugging.

For specific purposes such as setting up for a competition, photo shoot or just showing on the beach, it would be wise to plan the food relationship according to your physical activity. Determining the contribution exactly according to the type of metabolism required.

What is really true is that in the case of a bodybuilder, she is very different, as by training her metabolism, Natural Tune-up can consume large amounts of carbohydrates (and calories), even on the same day of competition.

Some studies show us to be effective in lipid intake for aerobic work, especially in men, but nevertheless, our metabolism does not require the same glycogen recharge as in the case of these. This is due to both decreased muscle mass and less ability to deplete our reserves during exercise.

In conclusion, I will emphasize the fact that women need low carbohydrates, which anyway come from vegetables and some berries with a low glycemic load and low fructose contributions such as strawberries, blueberries, toad skin melon, etc. .

I will add data that is usually not considered in this area, namely, that fresh raw vegetables provide a powerful effect of weight loss, in addition to containing fiber, antioxidants, trace elements and minerals in their unchanged form: completely natural thermogenic and antioxidant product with unrivaled efficiency.

Contribution of protein food and microelements …

… will determine the full progress in maintaining the entire muscular system and thus provide us with a vitality and tone that is not even usually observed in “athletic” girls.

In addition, species-specific foods such as vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, eggs, are characterized by a large contribution of micronutrients, essential amino acids, fiber and water to its caloric contribution, is low, and the nutrient density is very high. This allows us to eat abundantly while maintaining a low calorie intake in relation to food intake, which in turn allows us to activate this natural mechanism of self-regulation of hunger, which today changes from processed foods.

On the other hand, a key characteristic of the vast majority of products that are the basis of our agricultural diet today is that they are low in trace elements, low in essential amino acids (they often contain proteins). incomplete), low fiber intake (and when it is higher, it contains more anti-nutrients) and little or no water, so calorie intake is very high and nutrient density is low (with the exception of carbohydrates, which in many cases reach 80% of total content). Obviously, then, these foods force us to eat a limited amount (a little of everything), trying our best to control the large number of calories that are obtained due to the small amount of food eaten. Likewise, the effect on our hunger system changes both due to hyperglycemia and subsequent reactive hypoglycemia, hormonal response (insulin), and due to the absence of bloating. the stomach walls needed to send a signal to the brain, which will ultimately make us feel full for hours (meat and fish have the greatest effect on satiety).

B an adequate balance of nutrients, distributed according to individual energy requirements

Adding all these concepts, it remains to clarify, in particular, one thing. Women’s metabolism is known to work, in most cases, slower than that of men, so it is usually advisable to exercise at a higher frequency and duration. My idea on this topic is completely different; Increasing muscle tissue through intense resistance exercise will give us a more efficient “endogenous motor” that can metabolize energy more efficiently and with better results. So, not doing more is better, but when we do it, we have to do it at a very high level.

Much research on the effectiveness of physical activity and diet for long-term weight loss confirms the disappointment that we have all fallen victim to in recent decades. None of these showed greater relevance in the groups that followed the low-impact diet (exercise) (aerobics) than those who followed only the good diet.

So, let’s dispel the myth that girls should be involved in all activities designed to clear our bad conscience, disguised as fun.

I challenge you to experience in yourself what I and many others have achieved with our training and dietary approach, when expectations did not give us much hope, having tried everything or almost everything … Enter a new way of life !!

100% natural greeting!

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