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For most of a year with an overly low body fat percentage ideal for staying thin, we’re going to analyze how to develop muscle dramatically.

Natural bodybuilding is a long-distance race, to make exceptional changes we need to be patient as it is years or even decades of training.

And it’s really easy to stay motivated when you are a very responsive subject and just start the training program to get above average results.

But it’s really hard to keep yourself motivated when every pound of muscle you add to your body is really hard, but then what should we do?


Constant participation in the determination process for most of the year is not the best scenario for a person who can dramatically increase muscle mass.

In fact, if we analyzed most of the items that go to the gym, they spend 3-4 months a year in the volume phase, where CALORIC EXCESSIVES are very high and that the excess fat gain ensures that they stay fit for most of the year … CUT or definition.

For this reason, it is extremely important to follow the steps that we recommend in this article: PRODUCTION STEP, because when excess calories are excessive, muscle absorption capacity is reduced, resulting in excess calories being stored in adipocytes.

So you need time, muscle gain is a slow process where we have to bring about a state of balance, trying to bring our body to a higher point, stabilizing that point, before continuing to climb.

BE A PATIENT, focus your energies on creating a progression in loads, where every year you can lift more loads in these ATHLETIC GESTURES, this will be a testament to your progress, and I still don’t know anyone who is REALLY STRONG and not reflected in EXCEPTIONAL CONDITION OF MUSCLES.

In a natural bodybuilding competition, we can observe where a participant can invest a whole year or more to represent the physical condition with just one or two extra pounds of muscle mass, and if we analyze them, we can end up as WORLD CHAMPIONS PRO They really strong, in fact a lot of them are excellent powerlifters with very high marks.

If you want to be strong, you must be strong

The problem we are currently facing is RRSS where everyone wants to show exceptional condition in every photo that fits him, because of course, unless you have a very low body fat percentage, the number of “likes” is higher and then you will never have EXCEPTIONAL physicists.

When analyzing one of the undisputed champions, Brian Whitaker, we saw that after two years offseason, he presented a physique in which the differences are not dire, namely, when you reach a high level, it is difficult to achieve impressive changes in short periods of time. time but ..

What should we do?

Become a great helper in basic exercises that will allow you to make changes in your structure and have a powerful impact that lifts your body to a higher level.

In my experience, since I competed with a weight of only 70 kg in 2016, I added over 20 kg of body weight to the weight, where for the last four years I have been in a calorie surplus phase, accurately measuring the percentage of fat, skinny meter and maintaining in the range that we indicate in the optimal range, I have developed a much higher physique, but what a coincidence.

In 2016, he was really nefarious at performing basic exercises, and currently he has managed to lift over 145 kg on the bench press, over 185 kg on squats, 90 kg on the constant military press. Some very impromptu brands, but they are already good enough and this is what we should focus on.


Lifting more pounds on the bar does not imply doing them in any way, it consists of using pure technique that allows us to perform an effective lift, which allows us to apply force to most of the movement in the absence of inertia, doing the right work of muscles.

So, the advice at this stage: add QUALITY to your workouts before QUANTITY, that is, the first quality of ATHLETIC GESTURE, and then add KILOS to the bar.

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