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I have to quit it now, HYPERTROPHY! Save that word and apply it to your skin so you won’t forget! I already know what you think, isn’t hypertrophy what we see in these bloated beasts with huge muscles? what a horror!

Girls, I think the topic of testosterone was very clear in the previous article, right? well turn the page and focus on our …


We cannot overlook the work that involves breaking the fibers (8-10 reps), so that later new and better ones are built, especially in those parts of the body where fat burning is required and a thin but beautiful muscle tone occurs providing a solid appearance. Basically, I would say that the whole body is smaller than the breasts, since this is where we do not want to remove fat, so we will carry out a special and special treatment for our tender breasts.

Training will start with the most disadvantaged muscles, such as our upper body. Yes, those upper limbs that always came out airy to lift heavy objects, thanks to the kind volunteer who surrenders in front of our thin eyelashes …

These limp and shapeless hands are effortlessly larger than those holding a hairdryer.

A basic exercise on the shoulder or chest in the press (the triceps also interfere with the extension of the arm), since there is a higher priority, make an effort to push the bar, as if you are getting rid of the heavy duty of a nightclub, so Form, you will give it strength and sufficient and necessary intention.

For our precious breasts, we said that we would give a unique treatment: a high cycle of 12-15 reps (60-65% of maximum load) will be performed, where muscle failure will stop the series by accumulating lactic acid, and myofibrillar rupture will not occur or, conversely, a series of strength between 3-5 repetitions (85-90% of maximum load) where this will end due to the temporary inability of the nervous system to support high-frequency impulses. For training in the zone of intermediate intensity (70-80% of the maximum load), it would be advisable to work with a certain reserve of muscle failure in order to avoid depletion of ATP and CP, which will lead to stiffness and subsequent micro-damage to the actin and myosin filaments. This way we can improve both firmness and muscle tone while limiting local fat burning as much as possible.

After the arms are pounding, ideally, you can continue with the reverse pulls (the posterior deltoids and biceps interfere with tight and inverted movements), as this is usually a muscle that gets little attention and is usually punished for lousy postural hygiene, as a result of which almost everything is turned upside down is a breeding ground for various injuries of the musculoskeletal system.

Squats for my love, only you know what a girl needs!

Let’s talk about deep squatting with free weights. The squat is the king’s main exercise: if done correctly, you manage to activate almost all the muscles of your entire body, so the energy expenditure is terrible, the hormonal impulse is like a Hiroshima pump and those buttocks that will attract many looks will turn them into round and shaped balloons that are about to explode.

We will continue the deadlift, which, together with squats, should become a priority exercise in training, because they will make us, sculpted and seductive women, and I do not mean those from Botticeli! But let’s go back to Deadlift, that great stranger in the gyms, that exercise that I feel strong in, and when I do it, all my muscles stand out, making me see who I am becoming. I especially love this! This exercise, ladies, in addition to the horrific war on fat that it is aimed at, is incredibly helpful in relieving the symptoms of back and hip algias.

We will add an additional exercise for the glutes and thighs (for example, scissors), in which case, since it is not a priority, we will do it with an intensity according to the level with or without additional load (repetitions with alternating legs, continuous repetitions with the same, with a step or on a vibrating platform).

And it’s time for “ABOBINALS”. This is what my clients call abdominal exercises. Nobody likes to perform, but the result they give. We will give this exercise the meaning it deserves by saying that:

Don’t expect a magical chocolate bar without removing it before your diet!

And not only the damn addictive chocolate we all lose, but also excess of other hydrates, as well as pasta, rice, cereals, and excess fruit. Yes, about Fruit! as for many it is a major mistake that by leaving other carbohydrates without nutrients, replacing the addiction to sugar with a disproportionate amount of Fruit. Yes, we all know they are full of antioxidants and vitamins (also abundant in vegetables), although they can ruin your diet in excess.

Choose those with the lowest glycemic load and lowest fructose, such as watermelon, melon, forest fruits, etc.

We will include these muscles that form the abdominal waist on almost shift days in our daily tasks if we want to show them in a tonic way. No need to kill yourself with endless streaks, maybe 3 super series for straight, oblique and some isometric, that would be ideal.

We must have something very clear, and this is that the FullBody program 2-3 days a week alternated with 2 days of 20 minute meal intervals in HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) will keep our metabolism as a weapon. destined for war. By now, you may have figured out that you should put aside the colored jelly beans (which are useful for warm up and rehab), fitball (reserving it for some abdominal exercises), Bosch, and other ineffective utensils. You should start by familiarizing yourself with planks and discs that will help you increase the load and progress of your transformation.

In the next article I will suggest the best methods related to our legs, with special treatment depending on the type of legs, strong or thin, don’t miss it!

100% natural greeting!

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