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Sports nutrition for weight loss without losing muscle

Sports nutrition for weight loss without losing muscle

Every spring, thousands of men and women besiege gyms and fitness centers in the hope of getting their bodies in shape for the beach season. Panic and despair hit hard on common sense, which the manufacturers and sellers of magic pills and methods for losing weight gladly take advantage of. Unfortunately, dishonest marketing spoils the reputation and really working means, exaggerating their effectiveness and attributing them nonexistent properties. Let’s find out what kinds of sports nutrition and supplements help in the dehydration process and how to use them correctly.

Drying off is hard, because just losing weight is not enough. Men want not only to lose fat, but also to keep their muscles. Women want not just a slim, but also an aesthetically attractive, firm and taut body. To achieve the desired, it is necessary to follow a few basic rules, which build a successful weight loss without negative consequences. Let’s say how to properly buy Cabergoline, which will help you not lose muscle, but lose extra weight. People are looking for where to buy drugs, we know that here

You can’t lose weight in two weeks.

Bodybuilders and models of the highest caliber take about three months to reach peak shape. Do you think they would torture themselves for that long if they could do it faster? Also, do not forget that the pros are in much better shape from the beginning, and they dry themselves with specific drugs, which are strictly contraindicated to an average person. Get ready for the beach season should be prepared in advance and gradually. The more time you have in reserve, the more forgiving diet and exercise regime you can afford. Less restrictions and fatigue – less risk of crashing or abandon planned.

There are no magic pills

The promises of charlatans, guaranteeing weight loss without effort, sound very attractive. You can give money to fraudsters and receive in return an easy, but unworkable way to get yourself in shape. As a “bonus” an unknown and probably untested miracle cure can severely damage your health.

There are no miracle methods

“John did just one exercise, and now he’s being confused with Arnold!” – That’s about what another popular scam looks like, only this time they’re trying to sell you not pills, but training methods. In fact, all the ways to lose fat that work have long been known, and they’re all hard. If you see some program that is obviously easier, then it is less effective. There is a direct correlation between the work done and the energy expended. This is fundamental physics, there’s no getting away from it. You have to work hard. Each workout is an intensive workout of all key muscle groups with predominantly basic exercises with gradual transition to supersets.

It is impossible to lose weight in any one place.

Often we meet people in the gym who want to reduce their abdominals, and therefore frantically rocking their abs. Do you know why they say total body fat content and never talk about “belly fat content”? Because fat is accumulated and lost everywhere at once, according to the male or female type of deposition. It is not possible to remove fat in a specific area of the body, but it is possible to reduce the total amount of fat tissue, as a result of which the “problem areas” of interest will also diminish. This is the only way our body works.

You cannot lose weight and build muscle at the same time.

In order to grow muscles, you need to get more energy than you spend. This inevitably creates more fat. To lose weight, you need to expend more energy than you get, primarily by eliminating fats and sources of fast carbohydrates (sweets, flour) from your diet. The total content of slow carbohydrates should be reduced to 30% of the total diet. Only with a caloric deficit will the body engage the existing reserves and start burning fat. As you can see, muscle growth and fat reduction are opposite processes.

The situation is further exacerbated by the fact that when there is a lack of energy from food, the body also burns muscle tissue. Part of the muscle loss can be reduced by including more protein in your diet, but it won’t be enough.

Sports nutrition for dehydration

When drying out, sports nutrition becomes especially necessary, because it is a pure product. No matter how healthy traditional food is, there will still be something unnecessary in it. Sports nutrition is concentrated nutrients without unnecessary calories. In addition, there are no sources of pure amino acids in nature, and without them it is extremely difficult to maintain muscle.

For these reasons, the first most important item in drying is to have a BCAA amino acid complex and quality protein in your diet.

Adding 5 grams of BCAAs to your pre-workout meal will protect your muscles from breaking down and speed up recovery after exercise.

Whey isolate is the fastest way to give building material to starving muscles. Isolate is absorbed faster than conventional concentrate and is much better purified.

In some cases, ultra-fast digestion can be a disadvantage of whey protein because muscle nutrition needs to be constant. For more even muscle support throughout the day, especially at the risk of skipping meals, you can take a multicomponent protein instead of whey protein. It is able to nourish your muscles twice as long, and it also quenches your hunger better, which is a big plus when you’re on a strict diet.

Having secured your muscles, you need to think about more effective fat burning. There are few options here. If there are no contraindications, you should take a fat-burning thermogenic (be sure to read the instructions and follow them).

As a mild option will suit the classic fat burner L-carnitine.

Intense training in combination with a strict diet has a negative effect on the general condition of the body and the vitamin and mineral balance in particular. As a result, the immune system suffers. If in other situations the inclusion of sports vitamin and mineral complexes in the diet is more of a recommendation, then in drying their intake is strictly mandatory.

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