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Exercises for cool biceps

If you’re reading this article, it’s because you probably can’t find a way to grow your hands.

If so, you should probably read our article before: “correct muscle asymmetry”

Or: “use fatigue as a method of facing your weaknesses”

With that said, let’s continue with today’s article!

How to work biceps?

Didactically, we could classify biceps exercises according to the emphasis on:

  • MECHANICAL TENSION (occurs when we work with high loads at low reps): DEAD COURLE, CIRCLE WITH BAR, SUPINATION DOMINATES …
  • METABOLIC STRESS (occurs when we work at high repetitions with low / moderate load): PULLI exercises, with ELASTIC, with GAMMA …

Although it should be noted that if we want to shine with BIG arms, we must also focus on improving our triceps.

As for the triceps, it should be mentioned that it consists mainly of white fibers, in contrast to the biceps, which is composed of 50% red fibers / 50% white fibers; and therefore it might be interesting to prioritize the hard work in this muscle group.

Despite this, working with fibers is not very relevant, because in the end, regardless of this, we are always interested in the promotion that has the greatest growth potential.

Knowing this, we can classify triceps exercises as follows:

  • MECHANICAL TENSION (occurs when we work with high loads at low repetitions): PARALLEL BACKGROUNDS, REDUCED PRESS, DEAD FRENCH …
  • METABOLIC STRESS (occurs when we work at high repetitions with low / medium load): exercises, with elastic, with dumbbells …


The biceps consists of 2 heads: a long biceps head (outside of the arm) and a short head (inside).

Thus, even knowing the importance of the PRIORITIZING exercises that cause strong MECHANICAL TENSION for this muscle group, we could classify some exercises that allow us to focus on the work of one of these heads:

  • Long bicep head: we’ll be focusing on this in tight grip CURL exercises.

or 45 ° Curl, Hammer Curl …

  • SHORT BICEPS HEAD: We’ll emphasize this in wide grip CURL exercises.

or Z-grip preacher curl, spider curls …

On the other hand, we have the Brachia Biceps, which is located below the biceps and helps to flex the elbow.

And that’s why in most CURL exercises, the shoulder biceps work. However, if we had to make an exercise decision that emphasizes this muscle, it could be the SERL HAMMER.

POF (flexion position)

According to POF (Flexion Position), we could distinguish 3 types of exercises that work on the biceps:

  • ELONGATION UNDERLINE: (45 degree curls, spider curls …)
  • UNDER CONTRACT: (Hammer curl, preacher curl …)
  • INTERMEDIATE EMPHASIS: (Curl with dash, dead curl …)

To maximize hypertrophic benefits, it is KEY to combine these three types of exercise in our routines, usually following this ORDER:

  1. BASIC (intermediate emphasis): Exercise 1 is a multiarticular that emphasizes the middle of the ROM with enough space for fundamental exercises.


  • Work on the development of strength (mechanical and nervous tension)
  • Moderate episode (3-4 episodes)
  • Moderate reps (4-8 reps)
  • Full rest time (2-4 minutes)
  • I work with a low RIR, eccentric driven and explosive concentric, without too much DC voltage.
  1. EMPHASE ELFATION: The 2nd exercise preferably consists of one joint that emphasizes the stretch, the purpose of which is to create muscle damage and activate the stretch reflex.


    1. Moderate episode (2-3 episodes)
  1. Medium reps (8 to 12 reps)
  2. Incomplete rest time (1’30 ”- 2 minutes)
    1. Frequency and sequence of fluid movement at failure or very close to failure, with small pauses in the phase of maximum extension.
  3. CONTRACTED EMPHASIS: Exercise 3, monoarticular, with an emphasis on the phase of maximum shortening, the goal of which is maximum pumping, lactic acid accumulation and metabolic stress.


    1. Low Series (1-2 Series)
  1. High reps (15-20 reps)
  2. Incomplete rest time (60 – 90 seconds)
  1. Frequency and sequence of fluid movement in case of failure or very close to failure, with a short pause in the phase of maximum contraction


  • AVOID BALANCING when doing any type of exercise to avoid relieving tension on the target muscle.
  • Do the CONCENTRIC EXPLOSIVE step and step


  • Try to create a full ROM in every exercise, reducing the ROM will limit your hypertrophic response.
  • Search for MAXIMUM PUMP and apply MAXIMUM INTENSITY in your workouts and see HYPERTROPHIC DEVELOPMENT of your biceps take off!

Make your body improve

By nature, we are NOT designed to have huge biceps that are extremely low in fat. The human goal has always been survival, and the factors mentioned above are the antagonists of survival.

So, in order for muscles to grow, we have to COMMIT them to grow, trying to IMPROVE something in every workout.


  1. Lift more weight
  2. Do more reps with equal weight
  3. Reduce rest time between sets
  4. Increase ROM
  5. Increase your training frequency
  6. Improve your technique.

Sample Biceps Routine

After all of the above, we could suggest, for example, a biceps routine like this:

    1. Deadweight (We started with a beginner exercise to achieve MECHANICAL TENSION): over a relatively wide range of repetitions (1-5 to increase strength) (6-12 to maximize hypertrophy).
    2. Kurl 45º. Over a wide rep range, which aims to damage muscles and activate the stretch reflex.
    3. Flying Curl (we end with an emphasis on contraction) at the same high rep range to maximize pumping, lactic acid build-up and metabolic stress.
    4. PARALLEL FUNDS … (We could continue the same workout by doing triceps exercises with the same structure, knowing that if they grow, then the perimeter of our arms will be the same).

So there can be an infinite number of exercise combinations, intensity techniques, rep ranges … that must be periodized according to the purpose of each mesocycle.

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The above would be the structural basis for the biceps, even so, I do not find it convenient to do mesocycles focusing only on improving the muscle group (only in certain cases of asymmetry), since the most important thing you should focus on is on improving your performance in basic exercises, getting harder and harder on the climb, and your hypertrophied development will shine by itself.

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