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20-minute tabata for the cortex muscles

20-minute tabata for the cortex muscles

Is 20 minutes a lot or a little? The answer to this question depends on what exactly you spend it on and what you manage to do in that time. For example, we think that 20 minutes for a great interval core workout that makes you feel every muscle is just enough time to fit into your busy work schedule! And not to feel pain in your muscles, when you work out and feel your muscles clogging up, you get very tired. You can get rid of this pain if you use Novo Nordinsk

Tabata consists of five simple exercises that, when combined, work wonders and reach even the deepest abs.

Each exercise is done for 4 minutes. The time is broken into sets: 20 seconds of intense work and 10 seconds of rest between sets.

Exercise #1. “Scissors.”

Lie on your back with your hands on the floor, palms down, under your pelvis.
Extend your legs forward and raise them 15 cm above the floor.
Begin to move your straightened legs apart and return to the starting position (legs together extended above the floor).
While doing the exercise, make sure that your legs are constantly straightened and your lower back is not lifted off the floor. This way you will fully engage the lower abdominals.

Exercise #2. Dynamic bar, going up from the forearm support

Stand in a plank resting on your forearms. Your elbows are clearly under your shoulders. The body is in a straight line without bending at the lower back. Your abdominal muscles are tense, and your belly button is pulled toward your spine.
From this position, straighten your arms in turn and go to the push-up position.
Then lower yourself again into the plank on the forearms, bending your arms in turn.
Don’t forget to alternate your arms. If you went up and down with the right hand, then the next repetition should start with the left hand.
While moving, take care that the body does not sway from side to side, and the pelvis does not turn around. Keep your hips facing the floor at all times.

Exercise #3. Leg raise

Lie on your back. Rest your hands on the floor with palms down and place them under your pelvis. Your legs are straight and slightly elevated.
Bring your knees up to your chest and push your straightened legs upward, with your feet pulling upward with your heels toward the ceiling.
Your feet should be perpendicular to the floor in this position. Try to push them up with your abs.
Return to the starting position by pulling your knees up to your chest and repeat the exercise.

Exercise #4. “Mountaineer.”

Stand in a plank with your arms straight. Your wrists rest on the floor clearly under your shoulders. Your body is straight and your back is not bent in the lower back.
Start alternately pulling your knees as close to your arms as possible (higher almost to your shoulders).
While alternating legs try not to move pelvis up and not to bend lower back.
A more complicated variant: alternate your legs at a faster pace, you can bend your arms a little, with your elbows pointing back as if you were going to do push-ups on your triceps.

Exercise #5. “Russian twists”.

Sit on the floor with your legs half-bent and off the floor. Your body is slightly tilted back.
Take extra weight in your hands and hold it at waist level.
Perform a twist to one side, shifting the weight in your hands there and tilting your body back even more, then perform the twist to the other side. In the process of weight transfer, the body returns to the starting position again.
The exercise can be performed both with and without additional weight in the form of a dumbbell, pancake or skittles. It all depends on your level of training.

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