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In a market full of fraudulent advertisements and half-truths, creatine monohydrate is by far one of the few best-studied sports supplements (there are currently over 100 publications), with 70% of studies showing potency and anaerobic effectiveness (while others have not confirmed the relevant results) and that it is gaining more relevance, especially for people who […]

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Hypochondriac diet and muscle mass

In the process of weight loss / determination (without medication), there are several factors that affect the maintenance of skeletal muscle and, in addition, prevent or mitigate a decrease in basal metabolism: Initial Muscle Mass Calorie restriction level (deficit) and calorie balance Macronutrient Ratio and Protein Intake Possible exercise and type of exercise Initial Fat […]

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Overcome headache

According to statistics, headaches affect 12 to 16% of Europeans, and at least five million Spaniards. Obviously, in many cases, headache occurs due to excess histamine in the circle. We know from histamine that it plays a very important role in the local immune response and also as a neurotransmitter. It is a very well […]

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Train your metabolism

Content of the article: Diet and food … how many conflicting theories. Everyone is in search of the missing link, some magical recipe that gives the key to losing weight. Every time science discovers something new, jets of ink (or better characters) pour into the ocean of cobwebs … and strictly every summer we continue […]

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Diet and Candidiasis

Some time ago he came to me for inquiries, the girl told me her turbulent story so that we, as professionals, bet on health, shed light on her unfair situation. He told me about his desperate journey with countless specialists who only seemed to prescribe various medications, in addition to subtly stating that one of […]

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Pact with the devil

Content of the article: Monica Perez Gonzalo There is an opinion that for any woman after 40 years, and I say more, after motherhood it is almost impossible to get the best shape of her life. We should leave in the wardrobe miniskirts, tight-fitting clothes, low or very bright colors. We all start with dyes […]

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Exercises for cool biceps

If you’re reading this article, it’s because you probably can’t find a way to grow your hands. If so, you should probably read our article before: “correct muscle asymmetry” Or: “use fatigue as a method of facing your weaknesses” With that said, let’s continue with today’s article! How to work biceps? Didactically, we could classify […]

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Water and salt: the best supplements in the world

BEST SUPPLEMENT IN THE WORLD A very common mistake in the training of any athlete is to forget about the fundamental aspect: BODY IN 70% WATER, this apparently simple aspect is forgotten, causing a soft and discharged appearance. This, accompanied by the elimination of salt from the diet, is the perfect combination to NOT be […]

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Water – anti-catabolic and lipolytic

We’ve listened all our lives that we drinkers of sports should drink enough and more, but so far little has been said about its scientific importance. In fact, WATER IS NATURAL THERMOGENIC par excellence (and cheapest) when taken orally in large quantities (approximately 80 ml x kg dry matter). This is due to several reasons, […]

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What scientific research says

If I said it exists An absolutely LEGAL supplement that delivers muscle loss and weight loss benefits superior to testosterone doping, will you believe me ?? No? Well, that’s because you are still unaware of the recent HBB study of β-hydroxy-β-methylbutyrate by the Wilson and Lowery group of researchers, which clearly demonstrated that HMB is […]