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New techniques at your weak points

If a well-structured athlete after 2 or 3 years has a MUSCLE that DOESN’T RESPOND as much as it should, we might structure some SPECIAL Mesocycles to try and fix those details.

Muscles may not develop because TECHNIQUE is not suitable, therefore, before thinking about the specialization of any muscle group, it is necessary to check whether the main exercise in which it is involved is performed correctly.

Or simply because we are NOT strong enough in these movement patterns, so the problem can be solved by adjusting the training schedule and prioritizing strength gains in these movements.

Stuart Mac Robert suggested more than 3 decades ago to achieve TARGETS in BASIC EXERCISES that would allow us to focus more on working with MORE ANALYTICAL EXERCISES

  • Abs bench: 1.5
  • Squats: 2
  • Deadweight: 2.5

But … Why are basics so important?


Squats, abs are multi-joint exercises, extremely UNIVERSAL, that allow us to generate NEURAL POWER and tremendous MECHANICAL TENSION, and therefore we must prioritize our training programs if we want to improve MUSCLE DEVELOPMENT.

It is useless to say that if we can lift 80 kg on the bench press, and the ribcage is still missing, starting to fill our auxiliary exercises to continue the 80 kg movement, then it is unlikely that this will lead us to maximum development. If, on the contrary, we raise our lift to 120, 140 or higher … no doubt our torso (and arms) will be different.


Although, as you well know, each of us has that muscle lag that does not improve, although we break it down daily with basic exercises.

Thus, pre-exhaling target muscles with analytical exercises before (or after) basic exercises is a good option to maximize hypertrophic development of that particular muscle

To understand these concepts, we will provide an EXAMPLE of how a multi-body exercise such as DEAD WEIGHT can be used to stimulate growth in different muscle regions, depending on how we are going to fit it into our training programs.


Let’s get your muscles to be LEGS … Have you tried pre-fatiguing your quads and hips by doing, for example, the leg superseries before fatal weights?

The trainer requires SYNERGIC ACTIVATION of the legs and back muscles, among other muscles.

Fatigue of the LEGS before a multicomponent exercise will require MORE ACTIVATION of these in case of fatigue, the reason why the HYPERTROPHIC INCENTIVE will be much stronger.


Let’s assume your muscles are coming back. Have you tried to pre-exhale the bib, such as dominate before performing a deadly load?

Doing dead weight with the dorsals will cause HYPERTROPHIC STIMULATION of this EXTREME BASIC.


Therefore, knowing that stimulation of basic muscle group exercises by weight causes a GREAT LOCALIZED HYPERTROPHIC stimulus to adapt, changing the order of these exercises is a VERY GOOD TOOL to improve those lagging muscles.

Although it should be emphasized that PRE-USE will reduce our PERFORMANCE CAPACITY, and therefore it will be necessary to REGULATE THE LOADS OF THE MAIN exercise and periodically periodize these incentives wisely so as not to over-sacrifice long-term progress. term for the fundamental exercise.

Thus, we must include MULTICULAR EXERCISES in our routines, not only for the purpose of increasing EFFICIENCY, but also for the purpose of MAXIMUM HYPERTROPHIC GROWTH under weight.

Imagen que contiene deporte, exterior, edificio, parado Descripción generada automáticamente

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