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How to prevent autumn avitaminosis

How to prevent autumn avitaminosis

There is less sunshine, the days are shorter, and the only thing we want to do is to snuggle up under a warm blanket in the morning, and in the evening to loiter with a cup of hot tea. How can we fill ourselves with energy for new achievements and avoid the terrible and incomprehensible vitamin deficiency, which doctors regularly scare us with?

Let’s understand the terminology

Avitaminosis – a disease caused by inadequate food, the lack of certain vitamins necessary for normal functioning of the body. For example, if there is no vitamin C in the food, scurvy develops, vitamin D – rickets, and so on.

Nowadays, when they talk about the need to prevent avitaminosis, they mean a condition when the body does not get enough vitamins, and most often several vitamins are missing at once. This is hypovitaminosis, or vitamin deficiency.

Symptoms of Avitaminosis

To understand whether you should think about your health, answer yourself a couple of questions:

1. has my skin condition changed recently?
If your skin has become inflamed, flaky, rashy, excessively dry or overly oily, and it is not an allergy or a consequence of using a new cosmetic product, it may be the body’s reaction to a lack of nutrients. Redness and irritation – not enough vitamin B6. Dry skin, pimples, sudden wrinkles – vitamin A or B9 deficiency. Cracked lips or lip corners-enough iron-rich foods. 2.

2. have your hair and nails changed?
If it is not related to climate change or recent manipulations with hair color, you should be alert. Nails have become softer, break more often, there are more split ends of hair – the body points us to a lack of vitamin A or B2.

3. How are you feeling in general?
If your hands or feet feel numb or tingling in the extremities, it is more serious. Potassium, magnesium, and calcium may need to be added to your diet.

Irritability, increased fatigue, impaired appetite, sleep, and attention are very common symptoms, but together they may indicate a prolonged deficiency of a whole group of vitamins.

To determine what specific nutrients your body lacks, it is advisable to take tests. But you can also take measures on your own to improve your general condition and mood!

What to do

1. Reconsider your diet
Abandon the frantic calculations and thoughts about how much money you have to spend on vitamins at the drugstore and special foods at the store. Imported fruits in the fall and winter are much inferior in usefulness to summer fruits, and all the nutrients can be obtained from familiar and affordable foods.

Vitamin A is abundant in carrots and eggs, and B vitamins in bread, cottage cheese, beans, milk and meat. Magnesium and potassium, so important for heart function, are found in beans, buckwheat, and seaweed. Vitamin C is not found in oranges and lemons, as we used to think, but in rose hips, bell peppers, and sauerkraut.

Also the diet must be nutritious enough! Strict low-calorie diets only with rare exceptions can fill you up with energy, and they are especially hard during the cold season. The best choice for those who want to lose weight would be a complete proper diet with a moderate amount of all kinds of foods.

2. Get some fresh air.
Regular exercise in the fresh air is ideal. Daily runs of 10 km at five o’clock in the morning are not necessary. A short walk in the evening is enough. If you do not want to exert yourself too much, it will be enough to air the room before going to bed. The main thing is to get enough oxygen, which is necessary for the correct course of all processes in the organism.

A contrast shower will wake you up in the morning and you can take a bath in the air without getting out of bed: just open a window and let the frosty air into the house. These simple actions will help to increase your immunity and confidently resist any disease.

4. Stop Being Nervous.
Less negative thoughts, less attention to small mishaps and more to all the good things around. Then any stress and autumnal depression will pass you by!

Do not laugh at the expression “All diseases come from nerves. The human body is a very complex and not yet fully studied system, but the fact remains that a positive attitude contributes to improving the physical condition, and discouragement can aggravate any ailment.

Live actively and be happy! If you have any special methods to combat autumn vitamin deficiencies, be sure to share them in the comments.


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