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Monica Perez Gonzalo There is an opinion that for any woman after 40 years, and I say more, after motherhood it is almost impossible to get the best shape of her life. We should leave in the wardrobe miniskirts, tight-fitting clothes, low or very bright colors. We all start with dyes that cover gray hair to hide it, and we surrender to the imagination of surgery to erase the signs of aging and treatments to reduce localized fat. If at this point you were told that there is a way to become a genuine magazine model without using any of the mentioned processes, you would say that it is not possible. The further the prize is felt, the more unreal it seems, and our subconscious makes us see a thousand problems, because of which we should not jump into the pool. At the moment we are in the “COMFORT” place, the other is unknown. However, I tell you:

Move your butt and prove that you’re already wasting time!

From the age of 40, as a rule, menopause begins, that is, the absence of menstruation and, accordingly, of reproductive capacity, due to a decrease in the level of progesterone, which leads to a climacteric state, therefore, In general, there is an increase in weight, the contours of the hips and hips, and also visceral fat, which increases the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease. After age 50, bones begin to decalcify, which can lead to the development of osteoporosis, osteoarthritis and other musculoskeletal problems, so prevention is important through the consumption of foods that are carried by the digestive system. Together with strength exercises that generate contraction on the same bones to increase their density.

” A biological object exposed to constant stimuli reacts on them by decreasing adaptation. “

Worthy of admiration

Many times we think we are doing quite intense exercise because we feel exhausted after a group class that we have been doing for several years. My body “stands”, my mind is calm, but my mind is fantasizing in the hope that some changes will occur. Only when we demand a stimulus, when our body is in crisis, will we get a different result. Gradually increasing the workload is the best technique, as they did it in ancient Greece, this is not a new invention, in our school we recommend all these useful tactics to get an effective way of learning.

And since we are talking about Ancient Greece, I ask you:

  • Did you know that at that time the image of a strong and sculpted body was a sign of admirable strength and health?
  • Why are we currently being criticized for being selfish, energetic, and I don’t know how many more things to belittle the fact that we want to be healthier and more beautiful?

Despite the fact that we are careless and round, there will always be statements that we have the largest heart and that it is really important to have intelligence, but, obviously, we will be the ideal target for all modern diseases. associated with metabolic syndrome. (Cholesterol, diabetes, etc.)


Age is not a problem, it is an excuse

Why can’t we be more beautiful at a certain age than when we were 20? I will answer you. Since our educational system was concerned with teaching us not to question anything, this is so and so, because I say so. Ask yourself if you’ve really tried everything, or just what TV and advertising sells to you, because you take for granted that they won’t sell you anything worthless. How many times have you bought something that you later discover, teased? I am not selling you anything, I am not making money to teach you all this. I am a mature woman like you, 43 years old, and I am in the best physical shape in my life, I am not the only one to say this, it was said by the jury that awarded me the title of runner-up in the sculpture category. I love to dance, it has been a passion of mine for many years and I do it from time to time to enjoy my endorphins, but I understand perfectly that this is not what gives me the most enviable body of my environment, but to face everything more complex problems, more and more busy.

The most important step in your life is not to get married!

Your moment

The most important step is finding a way to satisfy yourself and make yourself happy. You are not a superficial woman, if you want more, you deserve it, you earned it by swallowing the paraphernalia that they sold you so far … it has to end and start YOUR MOMENT, OUR MOMENT, ONE OF ALL those who do not fit and want WIN.

Let the guys move away from the free weight zone. We will be there, demonstrating that we are warriors too, and we work hard to achieve what we want. The era of working women has arrived a long time ago we work as mothers, as housewives, at the working level, and now we want our right to take care of ourselves and strengthen our self-esteem, because no one will come to ask us if we like it well, they don’t even will be surprised if we choose this, so we just ended up running into a situation where we don’t even know how we got there.

The era of the ideal woman

We see ourselves under constant pressure to always be beautiful, regardless of the fact that we are the last and the first to leave, like Chenoa’s song “when you leave”. Not doing more, better, in the case of strength training, we only need to devote two hours a week to our preparation. This is what is amazing, don’t worry, it usually happens.

See how easy it will be for you and look at the following … if you don’t have time for cardio, that’s not a problem, if you can stick to a diet, you will lose weight, just the same. In fact, the calorie expenditure of low-frequency aerobic activity is negligible compared to resistance exercise, which, when done intensely, alters your metabolism up to 10-14 days after. By increasing your muscle mass, you put in a more efficient and powerful motor, ready to dodge the accidental mistake. in nutrition, which can arise in time and to you It costs so much weight loss.

Through a low carbohydrate diet on the days following resistance training, and while consuming any of them when we should exercise, we will provide the perfect balance to maintain the required calories in line with our basic energetic needs. We need to be especially careful when taking hydrates in the evening as they will not have the ideal hourly frequency according to chronobiology. Satisfy your hunger with plenty of protein-rich foods and fresh vegetables that are easy to cook at low temperatures.

Keys to success

For a good set of supplements to add to your health-focused and anti-aging routine, I would start with Acetyl-L Carnitine, recommended by Dr. Michael Colgan in his book Hormonal Health, which is an antioxidant with multiple benefits , including maximizing brain function as well as preventing aging of the optic nerve, and has even been used to treat diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

Coenzyme Q-10, another very well-known antioxidant in the world of anti-aging face creams, has had a lot of recent research on this substance regarding possible medical benefits showing that people with serious conditions such as cancer, diabetes, muscle dystrophy and Parkinson’s disease have lower levels of this coenzyme than in normal people.

In which foods can you naturally get coenzyme Q10?

Coenzyme Q10 is a fat-soluble compound like vitamin E that is synthesized by the body, although it is also consumed in the diet.

Small amounts, 10 to 20 milligrams of coenzyme Q10, can be found in fish and in the intestines of animals such as the heart and liver. It can be found in many foods we consume, however meat and fish are the richest sources of this enzyme. Other food sources of CoQ10 are eggs, nuts and seeds, and some oils.

And it is in Fish Oil that we find Omega-3, a type of high polyunsaturated essential fatty acid. good for the cardiovascular system according to Dr. Barry Sears in his book Rejuvenation in the Zone.

Vitamin D or calciferol, also called anthrachitic vitamin, people who do not bathe in the sun in winter or because they live in locations with latitude need to add a few hours of sunshine, as vitamin D deficiency causes a decrease in bone mineralization, which leads to soft bone diseases such as rickets in children and osteomalacia in adults, it is even associated with the appearance of osteoporosis. Additionally, some research suggests that vitamin D deficiency is associated with cognitive decline and colon cancer.

In 2007, it was discovered that vitamin D appears to have anti-aging functions as well: people with high levels of this vitamin have longer telomeres than people with lower amounts of the same age ratio. Few foods naturally contain significant amounts of vitamin D, such as mushrooms.

Phosphatidylserine and Melatonin. The former performs a wide range of tasks, some of which, for example, stimulate the release of brain neurotransmitters and activate the transport of nutrients in addition to regulating glucose availability. As for the latter, knowing that it is a hormone that we naturally produce when daylight disappears, we we can conclude that it affects the metabolism of numerous processes of cellular repair and regeneration, which are produced during the night.

Hormonal health requires a regular supply of more than 60 substances that your body cannot produce in sufficient quantities or does not produce at all. As we get older, even the most basic structures in your brain do not function properly, gradually degrading intelligence, memory, positive emotions, hormones, and finally even motor movements. All of this starts shortly after age 30, and to avoid this decline you need to know how to prevent it.


Prepare a shake with a healthy diet, plenty of water and a pinch of intense weight-bearing activity for the perfect recipe for illness and depression that will make you the beautiful young lady you deserve to be.

Follow the tips in the articles on this website and prepare yourself to get into a physical form you never imagined

100% natural greeting!

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