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For most of a year with an overly low body fat percentage ideal for staying thin, we’re going to analyze how to develop muscle dramatically. Natural bodybuilding is a long-distance race, to make exceptional changes we need to be patient as it is years or even decades of training. And it’s really easy to stay […]

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“The number of times a muscle group was trained over a period of time” is known as training frequency. Currently, one of the conditions is that experts in the field give them the best results to achieve maximum results What is SCIENCE telling us? FREQUENCY OF LEARNING 1 vs 6 weeks Science currently indicates that […]

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Exercises for the buttocks

At the research level, there is a consensus on increasing muscle mass. Three key points in order of importance: Stress, stress; Metabolic stress, fatigue; And muscle damage, stiffness. Let’s see how these concepts are briefly developed. Point one, MECHANICAL STRESS. The gluteus maximus is one of the most powerful and strongest muscles in the body, […]

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Diet – individual differences and others

Content of the article:   Considered topics: What genetic and environmental factors make losing weight more difficult for some people? What is the difference between target and target? What could be the reason for the lack of results and blockage with a combination of intense aerobic activity and very low calorie intake? How do leptin, […]

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Melatonin for good sleep

What is it and what does it do Dermatologist Aron Lerner in 1958 first described a hormone from the pineal gland, which cleared melanocytes from amphibians. Due to the fact that it was derived from serotonin and because of the link to melanin, he named it melatonin. We can find melatonin in: cerebrospinal fluid Cerebral […]

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“Method without method” was one of the famous phrases of the mythical Bruce Lee, referring to the need for inclusive and non-exclusive thinking, carried away by dogmas. In fact, the approach I take with both myself and my WNBF PRO champions is not a static methodology, or a short-term “magic routine” mentality, but in an […]

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How to eat right and lose weight

Lose weight! No magic additives. No dope. No alternative shake or miracle workout In this article, we will briefly and in the simplest and least technical way explain how we can eat “a lot” of food and feel satiated and full more easily while keeping calories low. It is possible: it is only reasonable to […]

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This legendary plant, especially the goddess in the East, has many species, although our focus will be primarily on C.A. Meyer (named after the Russian botanist who classified it in 1842). This type of ginseng, grown in Korea and with its characteristic red color, has great pharmacological potential. Ripe ginseng contains the following substances: ginsenosides […]

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Workouts Steve Howard

New techniques at your weak points

If a well-structured athlete after 2 or 3 years has a MUSCLE that DOESN’T RESPOND as much as it should, we might structure some SPECIAL Mesocycles to try and fix those details. Muscles may not develop because TECHNIQUE is not suitable, therefore, before thinking about the specialization of any muscle group, it is necessary to […]