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“He who ignores his past is doomed to repeat it.” Jorge Santayana

Crazy, as Herman’s deadlift would put him in the top three of the IPF in the 105 division with 5 kg below the class limit AND considering that only 1/7 of the world’s population has risen at this point! Crazy when you consider that Bobby Pandour was constantly pushing for that kind of strength and definition of competition, mostly WITHOUT WEIGHTLIFTING. You heard that right, buddy, for very light workouts, but mostly he was loose body and lifted / dragged his brother to train / act

Incredible things, at least ten years before the word TESTOSTERONE was invented in 1935, and 1-2 decades before strength athletes and bodybuilders used steroids.

What’s the point? You should be alerted if your immediate reaction is “doping”. When you see a “questionable” physique or an incredible feat of strength demonstrated by someone who believes they are NATURAL … not because you can falsely humiliate someone who has done something inspiring (although this is also true), but rather because this immediate the thought should be worrying for you.

Your reaction to something surprising (“it’s genetic”, “not natural”, “filter and photoshop”, “fake discs”) should worry you. Perhaps the problem is that you need to “feel comfortable” with your own achievements while minimizing the achievements of others. Even when you’re right, this knee jerk reaction should alert you.

If there are no worthy feats without genetics that you don’t have, drugs that you don’t take, or without deception, then a part of you protects your frustration, because you may not think that you can do something like this. I understood, we are human, I did it too. But this belief and fear limits you, whatever your potential. Are there any false Naturals? Sure! I’m not saying you shouldn’t be skeptical about this, but skepticism is NOT FABULOUS TO CONCLUSION ‼‼


All of these photos are from 1890-1930s (DOPING DOES NOT EXIST)

Top row – left and center, Katie Sandwina, the legendary 1.82cm 90kg strong woman with an incredibly muscular back chain, shown here with three men, once beat Eugene Sandow. in one-arm lift competitions. .

Above right, Luisita Learss is incredibly muscular considering she was an acrobat and trapeze rather than an athlete.

Middle: Ivy Russell, who lifted the deadlift by 186.2 kg in 1930 with a weight of 60.8 kg

For the record, the heaviest non-IPF 2017 deadlifts ranged from 187.5 to 57 kg and 200 to 63 kg, making this world class deadlift even by today’s standards with MUCH POPULATION HIGHER and greater participation of women in sports today.

Bottom row – further left, Vulcana (Keith Roberts Williams), a strong woman from Wales of the last century, who performed the Bent Press in the weight range from 54 to 65 kg. ,

Bottom row in the middle, Charmion (Lavery Valais), a vaudeville trapeze of an artist from the beginning of the century and a strong woman with an incredible physique, and above all, she is not a weightlifter!

To the right – Athlete Van Haffelen, a strong weightlifter and fighter of the late 1800s and early 1900s, who managed to lift 92.5 kg over her head with one hand and had 40 cm and half arms!

Now you go … and continue with the fact that it is NATURALLY impossible and your “toning” classes

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